Successful Pathways from School to Work Research Program

Milgrom Successful Pathways from School to Work Research Program

Successful Pathways from School to Work is a new initiative by the Committee on Education to support inquiry and problem solving concerning how to improve education to better prepare urban youth to succeed in the modern labor market.  The initiative supports innovative research across a range of disciplines and spanning the life course from infancy to young adulthood, bringing together researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to address the urgent problem of improving the academic preparation of youth in Chicago and other major cities.  Its goals are:

  • To PROMOTE fostering the skills that are most essential for labor market success
  • To DISCOVER more effective ways of motivating persistent, reliable effort to attend school, complete work on time, progress from grade to grade, accumulate credits, and graduate
  • To EXPAND available information and experiences that enable youth to envision and successfully carry out post-secondary plans of action that lead to stable, productive employment
  • To CLARIFY the malleable factors which contribute, at each stage of the life course, to a successful transition from school to work

Successful Pathways from School to Work is funded by the Hymen Milgrom Supporting Organization and supported by the Division of the Social Sciences.