lisarosen.PNGLisa Rosen

Lisa Rosen is the Executive Director of the UChicago Science of Learning Center. In this capacity, she serves as Research Program Director for Successful Pathways from School to Work.  She holds a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from the University of California at San Diego. Her present work focuses on advancing the mission of the Pathways initiative by developing programs of inquiry consistent with its goals.

In her previous role as a Research Associate (Assistant Professor) at the Urban Education Institute, her research focused on issues of educational equality and urban school improvement and the socio-cultural dimensions of educational policy.  She recently published a book with Stephen Raudenbush and Elizabeth McGhee Hassrick, The Ambitious Elementary School: Its Conception, Design, and Contribution to Educational Equality, which draws partly on this earlier work. Rosen was a recipient of a Spencer Foundation national dissertation fellowship for her research on California’s “Math Wars” and a member of the Spencer Foundation’s Advanced Studies Institute on Anthropology and Education and the Young Faculty Leaders Forum at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.  Her work has appeared in several volumes on the anthropology of education and education policy, including in the American Educational Research Association’s 2009 Handbook of Education Policy Research.  She has been at the University of Chicago since 2000.

Email: rosen@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773-834-7561