Harold Pollack, Gretchen Cusick, Jiffy Lansing. A randomized controlled trial study of online learning for detained youth ($150K)

Exploring new approaches to educating justice-involved youth is critical. Youth arrive at juvenile justice facilities behind academically and their chances for completing secondary education plummet - limiting their potential for getting a job or workforce credentials, decreasing positive engagement in the community, and increasing chance for recidivism. The proposed study will test the effectiveness of an innovative instructional model in fostering the skills and motivation of youth detained in juvenile correctional facilities through a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) of the Online Educational Enhancement (OEE) Pilot, a collaborative effort between the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ), Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s office, and researchers at the University of Chicago Crime Lab, and Chapin Hall. It involves the implementation of an online educational – i.e. virtual schooling - program in six Illinois Youth Centers (IYCs) and will evaluate the impact of the program through an analysis of administrative data. Additional in-person interviews and focus groups with facility staff will highlight program components and implementation challenges.

haroldpollack.jpgHarold Pollack
University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration

Gretchen_Cusick-.jpgGretchen Cusick
University of Chicago Crime Lab

JiffyLansing.jpgJiffy Lansing
Northwestern University