Successful Pathways Research Grantees

The Successful Pathways research program grantees include both distinguished faculty members and emerging scholars, whose projects bring a range of disciplinary perspectives to answering questions that span the life course.  Taken together, this body of scholarship will enable a deeper understanding of how to support disadvantaged youth at critical junctures on their varied pathways from school to work.

Field-initiated Faculty Projects

  1. Dan Black, Elizabeth Weigensberg, James Rosenbaum. Career and Technical Education in the Chicago Public Schools. ($250K)
  2. Susan Goldin-Meadow, Susan Levine. A longitudinal study of linguistic input to children at risk: Does it have an impact on later higher order thinking? ($150K)
  3. James J. Heckman. Understanding and Comparing the Mechanisms Producing the Impacts of Major Early Childhood Programs with Long-Term Follow up ($150K)
  4. Nicole Holland, Raquel Farmer-Hinton, and Melissa Roderick. Paving Postsecondary Pathways in Small, Urban High Schools: Developing the School, College, and Career Connections for Young Women of Color ($158K)
  5. Derek Neal, Robert Goerge. The University of Chicago Pathways to Adulthood Data Enclave (UC-PADE) ($250K)
  6. Harold Pollack, Gretchen Cusick, Jiffy Lansing. A randomized controlled trial study of online learning for detained youth ($150K)
  7. Lindsey Richland, Leslie Beller, Angela Cobb. Assessing 21st-century competencies for urban youth ($120K)
  8. Robert J. Sampson and Stephen W. Raudenbush. Successful Pathways to School and Work: Early and Later Transitions in the Lives of Chicago Children, 1995-2013 ($150K)
  9. Irit Sasson, Keren Kopietz, and Jeanne Century. Eastern Galilee Regional Cluster: A Regional Innovative STEM Program ($189,350)
  10. Naomi Schreuer, Shunit Reiter, Dalia Sachs, Yonat Ivzori, & Harold Pollack. A Career Education and Vocational Transition Program: "SUPER - SUccessful Pathwaysto Employment for youth at Risk" ($177K)
  11. Margaret Beale Spencer, Lauren Rich. Development of a Measure to Assess Teacher Perceptions of Self-Student Differences ($150K)
  12. Dana Suskind. The Thirty Million Words Newborn Public Health Initiative ($271,405)

Field-initiated Pre-doctoral Projects

  1. Dominic J. Gibson, Talia Berkowitz. Children’s Acquisition of Number Concepts: Exploring the Challenges of Early Number Learning ($50K)
  2. Nicole Beechum.  Exploring Academic Engagement For African American Boys Following the Transition to High School ($50K)
  3. Russell Bittman.  The Determinants of Market School Structure ($50K)
  4. Hysesang Chang, Julianne Herts.  Reducing the link between math anxiety and low math achievement ($50K)
  5. Andres Hojman. Analyzing the Long-term Effects of Early Childhood Interventions ($50K)
  6. Rebecca Hinze-Pifer. An Evaluation of the Academic and Behavioral Outcomes Produced by Juvenile Arrest Processing through the Cook County Peer Jury Diversion Program ($29K)
  7. Marshall Jean. Can You “Work your Way up?” Examining the Relationship between Ability Grouping and Student Learning Behaviors ($50K)
  8. Tim Kautz. Evaluation of Chicago's OneGoal Program ($50K)
  9. Kafi Moragne-Patterson. Examining College Choice & Match among High-Performing African American Students in Two Urban High Schools ($55,246)
  10. Nolan Pope. The Marginal Effect of K-12 ESL Programs: Evidence from Los Angeles Schools ($2.5K)
  11. Nolan Pope.  The Multidimensional Impact of Teachers on Students ($50K)
  12. Marjorie Schaeffer. Understanding the effects of teachers' math anxiety on children's math attitudes and achievement ($50K)
  13. Christien Tompkins. A New Kind of Labor: The Work of Teaching in New Orleans Charter Schools ($42,758)